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during a rainfall

a graphical journal belonging to ignored_tears

During a Rainfall; icon journal of ignored_tears
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Hello there! Somehow you've stumbled across rainfall_icons, a personal LJ graphic journal for ignored_tears (aka Meli). This is just where I'll store icons, tutorials, resources, and many other LJ goodies for you to enjoy. You'll find graphics from a decently large range of fandoms -- everything from Anime to Television, even stock photography every now and then! Just make sure to follow the rules, or I will hurt you. XD

If you enjoy the graphics here, please consider friending the community for updates, and if you have trouble finding something just browse the tags. Now enjoy! ^_^

x - You MUST credit either rainfall_icons (or if you prefer, ignored_tears) if you use any of my icons or graphics.
x - Comment, especially if taking, they make me very happy! ♥
x - People don't redistribute, claim them as your own, or hotlink my graphics.
x - Please don't edit my icons; textless icons are NOT bases, unless stated otherwise.
x - Most important, enjoy!

There are many ways to credit, but one of the most convienant ways is to link to the icon maker in your comment box while uploading, like so:

a f f i l i a t e s;

(( b e c o m e ? ))